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Impact of CICPA in Abu Dhabi: How it Influences and Benefits Employees


All companies operating as part of Abu Dhabi’s critical infrastructure in restricted areas require a security permit issued by the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA). To protect Abu Dhabi's infrastructure and assets from potential security threats and acts of hostile groups, the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority, or CICPA, was established. CICPA is responsible for protecting Abu Dhabi's critical infrastructure and issuing security permits to companies, vehicles, and vessels, land-based entities, and individuals working in sectors that are considered critical components of Abu Dhabi's infrastructure. The previous name of CICPA was Critical National Infrastructure (CNIA), and sometimes CICPA passes are still called CNIA passes.

To protect Abu Dhabi's crucial infrastructure, the organization partners with government authorities and security forces, like the UAE armed forces, working tirelessly to safeguard the country. The CICPA has formed partnerships between the public and private sectors to facilitate the exchange of best practices. In addition, it keeps track of personnel, vehicles, and companies involved in vital industries that support Abu Dhabi's infrastructure.

Which staff are required to have a CICPA security pass?

Any staff members who are employed on the premises of a company or establishment that is categorized as critical national infrastructure will need to possess a security pass. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it is worth noting that individuals working in maritime industries, power plants, energy industry, oil and gas, finance, transport (covering air, land, maritime, and rail), water, health, and communications may find it necessary to obtain one of these security passes. It is probable that many government services and companies, on which the food supply industry depends, will also be covered. The airline and aviation industries, being vulnerable to potential attacks, will likely require companies to obtain permits.

Importance of CICPA pass for organization

  • CICPA security passes grant access to restricted ports and field locations.
  • The appropriate CICPA permit is required to enter several restricted places. Applying for a CICPA pass is a unique process that must be done individually.
  • To access critical infrastructure locations like oil rigs, refineries, and power plants, employees in the oil and gas sector (ADNOC) must have CICPA permit registration.
  • SPC approval, or Supreme Petroleum Council approval, is also included. Before registering with CICPA Pass, firms in the UAE's oil and gas sector need to secure SPC approval.
  • Licenses can cover a diverse range of areas, including vehicles, vessels, drivers, and even specialized tasks such as photography. To work in these regions, companies or employees need to consider getting a CICPA security pass.

Eligibility to apply for a CICPA pass

Companies must meet the following requirements to apply for CICPA passes:.

  • The business must hold an Abu Dhabi Trade License.
  • Registering with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce is essential.
  • The Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) must approve the firm.
  • It is crucial to have a contract with a concession holding firm in place and to obtain an invitation letter (LOA) from ADNOC.

Who is ineligible for a CICPA Pass?

  • Security permits will be denied to individuals with these visas.
  • Additional approvals will be required for free zones such as Masdar City and twofour54.
  • Visit visa.
  • Tourist visa.
  • Non-Abu Dhabi-issued visa.

Documents required for a company to apply for CICPA passes

To apply for CICPA passes, a business needs to submit multiple documents.

  • A completed application.
  • Copy of the business trade license.
  • Authorization by the signatory’s signature.
  • A formal letter from the company requesting the opening of a file and approving a PRO.
  • Authorization from a PRO with a valid certification.
  • Agreement executed with a firm holding a concession (LOA).
  • A cover letter from the esteemed Supreme Petroleum Council regarding the contractual agreement.
  • Completed introductory form for PRO.
  • A personal photo (must be 4cm x 6cm, with a white background).
  • The Emirates ID, passport, and visa of the PRO.

How to apply for a CICPA pass?

Several steps must be followed and completed before applying for CICPA passes. CICPA passes are only available to workers of Abu Dhabi companies (for ADNOC-controlled CICPA locations), and temporary passes are not allowed for employees in other emirates.

Below are the steps to apply for CICPA passes:

  • Fill out the application form exclusively in Arabic using the Permit Program.
  • Complete the introductory documentation.
  • Attach the necessary supporting documents according to the type of permit you are applying for.
  • Send the application to the headquarters of the Security Permits Section.
  • Permits can only be applied for by the registered business PRO or company owner.

How can Marmoom assist you?

If you are an employee or company working at an establishment integral to Abu Dhabi’s critical infrastructure, then it is highly probable that both you and your company will require a CICPA pass. As one of the leading companies specializing in manpower supply in Abu Dhabi, we can supply you with candidates with CICPA passes who can be deployed in critical parts of Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure. With our manpower supply, you can fill roles in ADNOC fields, enabling the smooth functioning of your activities.

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