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Skilled electrical manpower supply to install electrical cables, systems, accessories and advanced solutions. We have a team of electricians recruited after exclusive examination processes. Consult us to hire the best electrical manpower in UAE. The leading electrical manpower supplier in UAE, we have a strong presence in all seven emirates. 

Best Electrical Manpower Supply in Dubai, UAE

Electrical cables and systems are the blood vein of every project. Installation of electrical cables, systems and accessories has to be undertaken by proficient electricians with adequate experience electrical manpower supply in UAE . We have enough electrical professionals to support your dream project in the UAE. Having a quick recruitment process in place, we can also complement the existing electrical manpower on short notice. With a seamless system, we have been helping elite clientele in completing the electrical works in the stipulated time frame. Marmoom has been one of the best electrical manpower supply in UAE, being a prominent part of projects across the country. Drop us a message or contact us to discuss more on electrical manpower in UAE.    

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We Marmoom Manpower Solutions are supplying more than 2000 labours for various major clients in various different.


"One of the top manpower supplying companies in the UAE, offering skilled workers and on-demand employees for various industries. Highly recommended for manpower resource recruitments across the Emirates. "

Zareena Abbas

General Manager
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"When it comes to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, Marmoom has been able to supply suitable resources that meet our requirements and project goals. One of the most trusted manpower suppliers in the UAE."


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"Highly professional and reliable manpower supplier in the UAE. Marmoom takes great effort to understand our project goals and provides incredible services that match our expectations. "

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Most asked questions.
Where can I find licensed electricians for a construction project in UAE?
Marmoom has an exemplary pool of qualified and licensed electricians in UAE. We can help you with expert electricians for construction, infrastructure development and other projects across the UAE.
What if we need additional electricians for the project in the UAE?

We can be approached any time of the day in case of a requirement for additional electrical manpower. We function 24x7 and offer real-time support to our clients. We have a wide presence in all seven emirates in UAE and would offer matchless support throughout the project.   

Do you offer electrical manpower support for short-term projects in the UAE?

We provide electrical manpower support for short-term and long-term projects in the UAE. Entities, individuals and organizations are welcome to connect with us for any type of project in the UAE.    

How much does electrical labour in the UAE cost?

The cost of electrical labour in the UAE would depend on the expertise, the field of requirement, the experience of the electrical worker, and other relevant factors. It is not possible to state a generic rate for electrical labour in the UAE.

How to select electrical labours in UAE?

Make sure that the electrical labours in UAE are qualified to carry out the task. Basic exposure to the electrical sector may be sufficient for small and simple projects. However, pick only experienced professional electrical labours in UAE for large projects.

Is it possible to interview the electrical worker before hiring?

Yes, it is possible to interview the electrical worker before hiring. In fact, it is the best method to pick the right electrical labourer for the job.

Are electrical labours available in UAE on an hourly basis?

Yes. The electrical labours in UAE are available on both an hourly and monthly basis. The electrical workers can be hired as per the project requirements.

How to determine the number of electrical workers required for a project?

The number of electrical workers required would depend on the size of the project. The bigger the project the more electrical workers would be required. Ascertain the work pending, vis-à-vis project timelines. To assess how many electrical labours would be necessary.  

 Electrical Manpower in UAE 

Hire the best electrical labours supply in UAE for projects of any size. Professional electricians with years of experience in the installation of electrical fixtures, cable laying, repair, and maintenance are specially recruited after a comprehensive examination process.

 Marmoom offers electrical manpower supply in UAE picked after scrutinizing their qualifications, experience, expertise, and personal background. We provide only dependable electricians, who have a clear background.

 Factors to consider when hiring an electrical Labour

 Let the electrical work required is minor in nature or a major project costing multi-million AED. It is important to consider the proficiency as well as the efficiency of the electrical worker before hiring. There are many manpower supply companies offering electrical labour in the UAE. However, the qualifications and the costs of the electrical work would vary. Examine the following factors when hiring an electrical team or electrician in UAE.

  • Electrical Worker Referred by Friends or Relatives

Hiring electrical workers based on suggestions from friends or relatives can be considered. Nevertheless, this may not be possible when hiring workers for major projects. Consulting friendly businesses and projects and checking out their team may be preferable to find the best electrical labours in UAE and hiring them. Avoid making the mistake of believing that an exorbitantly priced electrical team would be more efficient than a reasonably priced one. Repairs and maintenance activities at residences may not necessitate exhaustive experience. A knowledgeable electrical worker with sufficient exposure would be enough.

  • Experienced Electrical Team

Having an experienced electrical team by the side resolves all the ambiguities regarding the electrical installation, servicing and maintenance needs. It is not possible for all the electrical labours in UAE to be experienced to handle any kind of electrical job. Assess the electricians by checking their qualifications, past experience, years of service in the field etc. Better to consult a trustworthy manpower agency offering electrical manpower supply in the UAE.

  • How Professional is the Team?

Interviewing a handful of electricians would be useful for evaluating their professionalism. More than anything, their attitude towards the job is what matters. Not every electrical worker would have the same zest and zeal towards the job. An experienced management team might be able to recognize optimistic talents with experience in the field. Some of the major manpower suppliers offering electrical labour in the UAE undertake an exhaustive evaluation of the workers before hiring. Marmoom is the leading one in this regard.

  • Is the Electrical Worker Certified?

Electrical manpower supplies should have certifications to perform their tasks. Since electrical installation, wiring, and other associated activities are dangerous and lethal, only those with adequate educational qualifications are issued certifications. Nonetheless, not all the electrical labourers in the UAE are certified to offer the service. Therefore, it is mandatory to check their certification and qualification before selection.

  • Comprehensive Research

 We suggest you go for comprehensive research regarding the available electrical labours in UAE prior to finalizing one. The study of the field would give some idea of what to expect. It is not right to just pick an electrical worker randomly. Even a minor flaw in the installation, repair or maintenance can have serious consequences. Never take chances with electrical systems.

Specialities of Electrical Manpower We Supply

We have been sustaining and growing gradually by gaining unparalleled support from the clients. We endeavor to deliver optimal manpower supply services to diverse industries and sectors. Our team has been supporting many development projects, construction works, residential requirements, and so on by providing proficient electrical labours in UAE.

Our specialities include:

  • We have extensive experience in supporting multi-sectoral projects in UAE. Our electrical labours in UAE have been the backbone for laying, installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical fixtures, cables and systems. We understand the needs of the clients and provide electrical workers as per the requirement projected.
  • Having a large team of selected certified electrical workers we are able to support any size of electrical manpower requirements simultaneously. Therefore, the projects can continue seamlessly without any delays or impediments due to the shortage of labourers.
  • Pay reasonably for qualified and certified electricians from Marmoom. The trustworthy electrical specialists would render all the services promised properly.
  • Our constant 24x7 support would help the client to resolve any unforeseen manpower requirements instantly.

Why Choose Marmoom

Marmoom gained the top position among manpower supply companies in the UAE by remaining reliable, credible, and efficient. Our electrical labours in UAE are involved in projects around the emirate. In fact, we are proud to be the unavoidable part of many prestigious projects in the region. It gives us immense pleasure to put our bit into the development of this land, through the manpower solutions we provide.

  • We provide tailored manpower solutions that suit the needs of the client. No need to pick a package, rather it is the client’s discretion. The client can customize the manpower needs and get them from us. In addition to the best electrical labours in UAE, we provide manpower from all the other sectors including mechanical, plumbing, and fit-out services.
  • Save on budget by hiring reasonably-priced manpower supply from Marmoom. No need to spend extra on visa formalities, WPS, accommodation, transportation, and accommodation of the electrical labours in UAE. It is our responsibility to ensure these all to the employees.
  • Avoid the intricate recruitment process by selecting us for manpower supply in the UAE. We would provide the best men from different industries and sectors as per your needs.
  • Concentrate on business activities and implement measures for business growth, while we maintain manpower support consistently.

Marmoom offers complete manpower solutions in the UAE. For hiring electrical labours in the UAE, just give us a call.

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