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Hire highly qualified and experienced ductmen from our registered ductman manpower supply in UAE. Marmoom is one of the licensed manpower suppliers for ductman supply in UAE, with a huge workforce for construction, mechanical, infrastructure development, and other projects across the country. 

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Marmoom is one of the  fortunate manpower suppliers to be associated with several prestigious projects across the country. It gives us immense pleasure to state that our professionals have been key in accomplishing many advanced projects around the UAE. We assure you the best ductman labour supply in UAE, for undertaking the task meticulously and concluding the services without any hitches or impediments. By rendering exclusive manpower assistance to clients, we became the number one manpower supply company in the region. Reach out to us for the best ductman supply in UAE. 

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We Marmoom Manpower Solutions are supplying more than 2000 labours for various major clients in various different.


"One of the top manpower supplying companies in the UAE, offering skilled workers and on-demand employees for various industries. Highly recommended for manpower resource recruitments across the Emirates. "

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"When it comes to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, Marmoom has been able to supply suitable resources that meet our requirements and project goals. One of the most trusted manpower suppliers in the UAE."


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"Highly professional and reliable manpower supplier in the UAE. Marmoom takes great effort to understand our project goals and provides incredible services that match our expectations. "

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Most asked questions.
How much does Ductman labour cost?

The labour cost for ductman in UAE would differ depending on the qualification, expertise, type of project and location.

Why it is not advisable to hire a ductman from an unlicensed manpower supply in UAE?

Consistent support and qualified manpower are key to maintaining the momentum of the project. These factors are crucial for ensuring quality and workmanship as well. Only licensed ductman manpower supply in UAE can guarantee constant support and provision of enough workforce with ample qualification and experience.

Is a duct foreman essential for ducting works?

The duct foreman is the person who would monitor the work, direct the duct fabricators and duct installers regarding the works to be undertaken, and act as the interface between the site engineer and workers. A duct foreman is an important person for the ducting works.

How many duct men would be required for a project in UAE?

The number of duct men required for a project in UAE would depend on the size of the project.

Isn’t it better to recruit a ductman in UAE instead of hiring from labour supply in UAE?

It is cost-effective, budget-friendly, and convenient to hire duct men from a trusted and registered labour supply in UAE.

Importance of Ductman labour supply 

A ductman team comprise a duct fabricator, duct installer, and duct foreman. Each one has specified duties and responsibilities. Inefficiency or lack of experience of anyone in the team can lead to an ineffective system. Projects must have a well-routed duct system for providing proper ventilation, air-conditioning, and other services. This is the prime reason for clients considering licensed manpower supply in UAE for hiring ductman labour.

The factors that elevate the importance of a ductman include:

  • Any flaw in the ducting system can affect the efficiency of the AC, ventilation, and associated systems.
  • The ducting system is expected to last lifelong, with periodic maintenance and servicing undertaken. A wrong design, erroneous fabrication, or improper assembly can impact the life of the system.
  • The duct system should not appear out of place or incorrectly designed.
  • The routing of the ducting lines should be as stated in the building design. The ductman team should be able to understand the engineering drawing and lay the ducts accordingly.
  • Correct communication among the duct fabricator, duct installer, and duct foreman is essential for undertaking the task methodically, and on schedule.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Ductman

A ducting team has a duct foreman, duct installer, and duct fabricator. Each one is important for the systematic installation of the ducting system. A registered ductman manpower supply in UAE will have all the qualified professionals for you to hire. Therefore, you can just put the requirement to the manpower services and continue focusing on the project. The authorized ductman labour supply in UAE will handle and manage the ductman labour. Without the need for the client to interfere in any of the administrative or legal processes.

Marmoom Manpower suppliers have exclusive teams for maintaining the workforce and ensuring all the administrative requirements are abided by.

Let’s look into the skills and responsibilities of a duct foreman, duct installer, and duct fabricator.

  • Duct Fabricator: The duct fabricator is the first person in the team of ducting workforce. The duct fabricator’s responsibilities include:
  1. The duct fabricator would choose the material for the ducting, based on the engineering drawing and relevant specifications.
  2. It is the responsibility of the duct fabricator to discuss and formulate the way forward, by discussing the activities in detail with the duct installer and duct foreman.
  3. The duct fabricator would function based on the directives from the duct foreman.
  • Duct Installer: Laying and installation of ducting lines primarily lie with the duct installer. The duct installer will be an experienced person, who knows laying ducts, fasten them with the structure, and maintain the design specified in the blueprint. The licensed manpower supply in UAE recruits ducts man labour only after ascertaining their qualification and workmanship.
  1.  Hanging and installation of duct lines
  2.  Assistance during the installation of AC units
  3.  Installation of HVAC systems
  4.  Maintaining the momentum of ducting work
  5.  Ensuring that all the safety precautions are being observed by the team
  6. Assessing the stock of metal sheets, spares, and components. Informing the duct foreman in time, to avoid delays in procurement, which may impact the flow of work
  • Duct Foreman: The duct foreman is the main person in the ducting team. The ducting workers take direct orders from the ducting foreman. Licensed ductman manpower supply in UAE will offer you a well-qualified duct foreman with immense experience for your project. The responsibilities of a duct foreman are:
  1.  The duct foreman will maintain a work plan and monitor that the work is progressing accordingly
  2.  He will assign tasks to different teams and confirm that the subject works are completed in the timeframe
  3. Constant communication with the management and the engineer is done by the duct foreman. To affirm that all the works are continuing as planned
  4.  Any issues, lacunae or matters requiring attention would be reported to the management, as well as, the person responsible. By the duct foreman.

Ductman labour supply in UAE should provide you with the ducting workforce comprising all the three above. Their functioning together is crucial for completing the ducting in time and in the best manner.

Benefits of Hiring Ductman from Marmoom

Marmoom has been offering registered ductman manpower supply in UAE, licensed by the authorities. If you are looking for a trusted ductman supplier in UAE, contact Marmoom. We provide highly experienced ductman labourers in UAE to all major industrial sectors like oil & gas, construction, mechanical, electrical etc. We recruit qualified and experienced ductman workforce after a detailed examination process. So that our clients can get the best quality output from them. The benefits of hiring ductman labour from Marmoom include:

  • Obtain cost-effective services, with Marmoom handling all the administrative needs of the ex-pat workers, including visas, WPS, medical insurance, accommodation, and transportation.
  • The client can concentrate on the project, while we manage the ductman labour and ensure adequate workers on site as sought.
  • Get the best workers for the job.
  • One of the few best manpower suppliers in UAE, we have been associated with several projects. This speaks for our quality and reliability.
  • Receive consistent labour support without any hassles.
  • Marmoom is one of the most experienced manpower services in UAE. We can meet any client requirements in the shortest time. Furthermore, we have a strong network across the country that makes us capable of serving any project in any location.
  • Budget-friendly manpower services are another benefit of hiring Marmoom ductman manpower in UAE.

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Why Choose Marmoom for Ductman supply in UAE?

Marmoom is a  indebted to the clients who have trusted us and used our labour services in UAE. Marmoom believes it is our responsibility to deliver optimal support to clients and help them maintain the course of the project. That is why we monitor each project and deliver additional manpower without any delays, whenever sought.

The prime factors that make us your ideal support for ductman labour supply in UAE are:

  • Leading registered ductman manpower supply in UAE
  • Affordable manpower services
  • Handpicked professionals proven to have qualifications, knowledge and experience
  • Transparent dealings
  • Any number of men for a project of any size, any time the client wants

Check out our manpower services today. Avoid unwanted complications by opting for Marmoom Manpower Services, one of the top firms offering licensed manpower supply in UAE. Contact us for hiring from the top registered ductman supply in UAE.

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