We all should come together and extend a helping hand to the deprived segment of society. Bringing smiles to those saddened faces must be our aim. Marmoom is keen on making this world a better place to live. We put all-out efforts to provide the maximum possible support to the struggling people around us.  

Our team identifies the marginalized section and ensure that they are provided with financial assistance, education, shelters and provisions to live on. Helping them to stand on their feet, we put our bit into developing a sustainable and self-reliant society.

Marmoom stands committed to the nation and makes concerted efforts in this direction. Our endeavours always remained well above the CSR initiatives. A prominent sum is segregated for meeting the rising requirements of the needy around.  


Marmoom's CSR Initiatives



We are committed to the country that prospered us. We dedicate ample time, effort and money to helping the destitute lot around.



Caring for the elderly, patients and orphaned kids have been one of our prime objectives. We have been extending optimal care to them.  



Compassion is the most invaluable trait that can infuse joy and hope. Our compassionate activities are intended to bring a smile.  



People might be in a financial crisis and may require a lump sum amount to meet urgent requirements. We provide financial support in such cases.



Our team identifies those who lack facilities for living, education, and medical care. We make it a point to facilitate the needs.

Affection and care highlight our CSR initiatives and make us the torchbearers trying for a better future for all.


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