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Hire a responsible and dependable skilled and unskilled workforce in Fujairah. Reach out to Marmoom, the trusted manpower supplier in Fujairah, supporting leading companies, multinational entities, and commercial enterprises across the region. We provide both blue-collar and white-collar workers, including those with specialization in specific fields. 

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About Marmoom Manpower Supply in Fujairah

The top manpower supply company in Fujairah, we continue extending optimum support to the clients. Not many labour suppliers in Fujairah can claim the legacy as we do. We have earned a credible identity by remaining one of the most trustworthy firms in the entire emirate. Each member from our pool of labourers and professionals is picked after an exhaustive evaluation process so that we can depute them from prestigious projects without any concern regarding their performance. The seamless support and provision of workaholic manpower distinguish us from other manpower supply companies in Fujairah. 

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We focus on a variety of sectors in Fujairah. We are experts at providing manpower for each sector on the basis of your needs.


We have blue-collar and white-collar workers for construction fields, recruited after a detailed examination and confirmation on their experience. Com...

Oil and Gas

Reach out to us for on-shore and offshore manpower requirements. We have been providing a qualified workforce to leading companies from the oil & gas...


Make a head start and continue through the growth track by offering the best logistics services. We offer trained manpower solutions for companies in...

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We Marmoom Manpower Solutions are supplying more than 2000 labours for various major clients in various different.


"One of the top manpower supplying companies in the UAE, offering skilled workers and on-demand employees for various industries. Highly recommended for manpower resource recruitments across the Emirates. "

Zareena Abbas

General Manager
Dhasthu Testimonial Marmoom

"When it comes to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, Marmoom has been able to supply suitable resources that meet our requirements and project goals. One of the most trusted manpower suppliers in the UAE."


Project Coordinator
Abdul Wahab Marmoom Testimonial

"Highly professional and reliable manpower supplier in the UAE. Marmoom takes great effort to understand our project goals and provides incredible services that match our expectations. "

Abdul Wahab


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Most asked questions.
How much does mechanical manpower in Fujairah cost?

The cost for mechanical manpower in Fujairah would depend on the type of job, the expertise required, the preferred experience of the trade specialist and so on. Hence, a generic rate for mechanical manpower supply in Fujairah cannot be stated.

Do you offer manpower for logistics in Fujairah?

Yes, we offer manpower supply for the logistics sector in Fujairah.


How are the drivers selected?

The drivers with valid licenses are selected after examining their experience and proficiency.

Is Marmoom capable of supplying manpower for a multimillion-dollar project in Fujairah?

Marmoom is capable and efficient enough to handle a project of any size. Our records stand as proof of our proficiency and caliber.

How to identify a reliable labour supplier in Fujairah?

Check out the labour supplier’s track record, the online reviews and ratings, the projects they have been involved in, the manpower rates they quote, etc. to identify the right labour supplier in Fujairah.

Benefits of Hiring Manpower Supply Companies In Fujairah

In today’s world, finding, selecting, and recruiting the manpower is a lengthy and complex process. Besides, it causes heavy expenses. Hiring a trusted labour supply company in Fujairah is the ideal way forward to avoid this burden. The expert manpower supply companyin Fujairah would supply a team capable of serving the firm in the best way. Manpower from different industries and sectors can be hired on an hourly or monthly basis.

  • The first and foremost benefit of getting labour from a manpower supply company is that all the official tasks including the employees’ visas, WPS, medical insurance, transportation, and accommodation are the responsibility of the labour supplier in Fujairah. Making it cost-effective and beneficial to use a manpower supply company in Fujairah.
  • Get the right person for the right job at reasonable rates by associating with a reliable manpower agency in Fujairah .
  • Obtain the workforce best suited for the job without spending time and money finding them.
  • Get proficient manpower in no time.
  • Grow business by reducing the burden and difficulties of manpower recruitment and man management.
  • The manpower agency would take risks on employee performance and employee recruitment. The business can focus on activities related to business growth, promoting in the best possible way.

Manpower Sectors We Support

We have been the one-stop solution for every company in the Fujairah region looking for labour supply. Although we serve almost all the industrial and commercial sectors, the following are the most common sectors we have been supporting:

  • Construction: Civil construction projects need constant manpower support. At some stages, the labour requirement may go up requiring a dependable labour supply company in Fujairah by your side. Look nowhere else. Just get connected with us and receive uninterrupted labour support.
  • Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure development projects are an unavoidable aspect of a developed region. The need for specialised men experienced teams including mesons and foremen, and qualified technical staff would arise constantly. Who else, other than Marmoom manpower supply company in Fujairah, would offer you constant support?
  • Oil & Gas: Lack of adequate manpower can impact the operations of the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Also, the team available must be knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Their inexperience can lead to harmful consequences. We offer a specially selected team for the oil and gas sector. Reach out to us for manpower supply in Fujairah in the oil and gas sector.
  • Power and Utility: The power and utility sector constantly interacts with consumers. Therefore, the team selected for the jobs must be having an optimistic attitude, besides offering the best productivity. Are you looking for a manpower supplier in Fujairah for the power and utility sector? You are at the right place then. Just ping us.
  • Agriculture: Farming, cultivation, and associated activities necessitate workers with a taste in the field. Else, the production can go down significantly. We have been supplying labourers for several firms from the agriculture sector in Fujairah for years. Trust us to support you with highly qualified and experienced manpower for the agriculture sector.
  • Hospitality: The hospitality sector mandates men and women with a client-friendly attitude. They would be interacting with the guests, travellers, and tourists constantly. Unless the employee is high-spirited and positive, he or she would fail to deliver the services properly. Call Marmoom to discuss manpower supply for the hospitality sector in Fujairah. We assure you of the best support.
  • Transportation: Organizing, coordinating and managing transportation is an intricate task. Not everyone would be capable of handling all the activities methodically. Therefore, the team employed in the sector must have man, material, and time management skills. Are you concerned about finding the right labourers for your transportation company in Fujairah? Call us now.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing process would need a skilled team, which can undertake the production tasks properly. An inexperienced team would not be productive as one expects. Each labourer would need time to study and specialise the production activities. We suggest you hire experienced manpower from Marmoom to eliminate such issues and obtain the best outcome.
  • Automobile: Vehicle manufacturing, supply, transportation, and all the associated activities are undertaken by specialists from the field. Otherwise, it will not have the flow one needs. Consequently, the automobile firm might face setbacks, considering the rising competition in the sector. We offer skilled, unskilled, and specialised manpower for the automobile sector. Need labour support for your automobile company in Fujairah? Do connect with us.
  • Logistics: Companies look for seamless logistics support to maintain their functionality. Operations may dwindle in case the supply chain is broken or inadequate quantity is supplied. A workforce with proven experience in the logistics sector can prevent the probability of failure. Get affordable logistics manpower in Fujairah, without any hassles.
  • Waste Management: Maintain clean, tidy and healthy premises by using the services of waste management professionals. Do call us or visit us today if you need labourers for waste management at your organization. We offer manpower supply for regular and periodic waste management.

These are some of the sectors in which we have been extending our support for years. For hiring labourers in Fujairah, do connect with us.

 Manpower Trades We Cater To

Listed here are some of the specialised trades in which we have been rendering assuring support to our clients. At the same time, we are also rendering manpower support for other trades as well.

  • Civil: Qualified professionals for your civil construction jobs are available with us. Selected after a detailed examination, they are proven to have the knowledge and experience to undertake major tasks and all civil works.
  • Electrical: Electrical system-qualified skilled labourers with diplomas, degrees, and other relevant qualifications. Hire electrical manpower in Fujairah for undertaking the electrical works on your project.
  • Mechanical: Trade specialists with mechanical backgrounds, from Marmoom manpower supply company in Fujairah, would be the mainstay for your project. You can entrust the mechanical tasks to our team. Not only that, you can get supervisory staff as well, from us.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning staff with years of experience. One of the top labour supply companies in Fujairah, we are fortunate to serve several top entities with a cleaning team. Looking for cleaning professionals in the region? Do connect with us now.
  • Drivers: It is difficult to find licensed and experienced drivers in the UAE. We have added a specialised division of driver manpower supply in Fujairah viewing the scarcity of qualified drivers.
  • Fit-out Works: Add elegance to your construction and design works by using the specialist service from our fit-out works for the team. They would be undertaking the work diligently, to deliver an outstanding result. Call now to know more about our fit-out works labour supply in Fujairah.
  • Plumbing: Plumbers with experience are of paramount importance for every project. An unreliable plumbing team can cause severe cascading effects. That is how each entity is careful whilst choosing the plumbers. We have been a credible plumber manpower supply company in Fujairah for years.

Factors to consider when hiring manpower suppliers in Fujairah

 Not every manpower supplier in Fujairah can perform as you wish. The limitations with respect to the availability of labourers, lack of a proper labourer recruitment system, and disorganized functioning can affect the labour supply company’s service. You would need a trustworthy manpower supply company in Fujairah, that has a credible record of accomplishment.

If you are still in doubt about the factors to consider while hiring the manpower supplier in Fujairah, do check the following before picking one:

  • Record of accomplishment since inception
  • How efficient have they been
  • Which are the projects the labour supply company in Fujairah involved
  • How affordable are the manpower services
  • What do the online reviews and ratings say
  • Which sectors they have been serving
  • Trade specialization the labour supplier offer

Why Choose Marmoom for Labour Supply in Fujairah?

Marmoom is proud of the credible legacy we have earned by extending the optimum manpower supply in Fujairah since the beginning. We focus on the client’s satisfaction, not on earning profit. With this concept at the core, we have been able to gain more clients and grow faster than any other manpower supply company in Fujairah.

The reasons for our becoming the number one labour supplier in Fujairah are:

  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Experience in diverse sectors
  • Specialists from various trades
  • Reasonable charges
  • Seamless manpower support

For hiring manpower in Fujairah, call us now.

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