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We are a leading manpower solutions provider in Abu Dhabi, having been partnered with prominent development projects. The capital city of UAE has been on a growth ride for decades and we are fortunate to be a part of several Mainland and offshore activities.

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Marmoom manpower solutions in Abu Dhabi could support several prestigious projects in the emirate by providing a qualified and experienced workforce. Our sole intention has always been to deliver optimal service to the clientele. The committed approach has been pivotal in creating positive word-of-mouth publicity about us. This acceptance has been instrumental in widening our reach, ensuring more clients. We are dedicated to the service of the clients and make it a point to perform the best. Having a large pool of technical, non-technical, skilled and unskilled workforce, we are capable of meeting every type of requirement from almost all sectors. Further, we have designed a quick recruitment process to obtain additional manpower in case the client requires men with specific qualifications.

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We serve almost all sectors. You can connect with us for skilled and unskilled manpower for varying sectors. We are obliged to support you in the best possible way.


We have blue-collar and white-collar workers for construction fields, recruited after a detailed examination and confirmation on their experience. Com...

Oil and Gas

Reach out to us for on-shore and offshore manpower requirements. We have been providing a qualified workforce to leading companies from the oil & gas...


Make a head start and continue through the growth track by offering the best logistics services. We offer trained manpower solutions for companies in...

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We Marmoom Manpower Solutions are supplying more than 2000 labours for various major clients in various different.


"One of the top manpower supplying companies in the UAE, offering skilled workers and on-demand employees for various industries. Highly recommended for manpower resource recruitments across the Emirates. "

Zareena Abbas

General Manager
Dhasthu Testimonial Marmoom

"When it comes to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, Marmoom has been able to supply suitable resources that meet our requirements and project goals. One of the most trusted manpower suppliers in the UAE."


Project Coordinator
Abdul Wahab Marmoom Testimonial

"Highly professional and reliable manpower supplier in the UAE. Marmoom takes great effort to understand our project goals and provides incredible services that match our expectations. "

Abdul Wahab


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Most asked questions.
Do you offer manpower support in the other emirates in UAE?

Yes. We offer manpower support in the entire country. Our manpower solutions is at your service in all seven emirates in UAE.

Do you provide manpower for an infrastructure development project in Abu Dhabi?

Yes. We provide manpower support for infrastructure development projects in Abu Dhabi and all the other emirates in UAE.

Which all the renowned projects Marmoom provided manpower?

Marmoom has been a prominent partner in several elite projects across UAE. A few of the projects we have been involved in include Dubai Mall, Expo 2020, One Za'abeel, and Etihad Rail.

How much does construction manpower cost in Abu Dhabi?

The construction manpower cost in Abu Dhabi depends on the worker’s experience, expertise and specialization.

Aren’t all the manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi licensed?

No, not all the manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi are licensed. The fact is that there are a good number of unlicensed labour suppliers in Abu Dhabi. It would be good to hire manpower only from licensed manpower supply companies like Marmoom.

What if the hired team is not efficient as promised?

The manpower supplier can be asked to replace the team if the present one is not delivering as required. By assessing the manpower supplier, prior to selecting them, this situation may be prevented.

Isn’t it more profitable to recruit manpower than to hire a labour supply company in Abu Dhabi?

The reality is that it is more cost-effective to hire a manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi than to recruit workers. It would also help in avoiding the complex administrative formalities of hiring an ex-pat workforce.

Do manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi supply small-scale projects?

Manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi support projects irrespective of their sizes.

Manpower Supply in Abu Dhabi

Constant availability of the Manpower supply is vital for the smooth progress progression of the project. Lack of an adequate labour supply in Abu Dhabi can delay the project, create chaos, and would result in loss of money. Recruiting the team would be a herculean task requiring the constant involvement of a specific team. For examining the labours, negotiating the deal, processing visa, WPS formalities, accommodation and whatnot. A licensed labour supply company in Abu Dhabi, which the authority has approved for manpower supply operations, would make it a cost-effective, easy, and hassle-free process to get labourers for projects.

Each team member, including the ex-pat labourers, is selected after an exhaustive examination process only. Their background, educational qualifications, aptitude, experience, and performance would be evaluated prior to selecting them. We have been able to meet client requirements meticulously by pursuing this process correctly.

You can get assured manpower supply in Abu Dhabi without any difficulties. Connect with Marmoom manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi now.

Benefits of Hiring Marmoom for Labour Supply in Abu Dhabi 

Marmoom has been one of the top manpower suppliers in Abu Dhabi. We have a large pool of workforce for meeting the client requirements without any lacunae. The labourers are employed as per the qualifications, trade specializations, and other needs projected by the client. The benefits of hiring us for labour supply in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Recruiting workers for the project might be an uphill task for you considering the administrative and procedural complications involved. The ex-pat labourers’ visas, WPS, medical insurance, transportation, and accommodation have to be arranged by the firm. Besides, undertaking a complex examination and analysis process for finding the right men. A trusted manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi will manage everything, including the aforesaid when hiring labourers from them, making it cost-effective and convenient to hire from a labour supply company.
  • Aptly qualified and experienced workers are the strength of any project. Their knowledge in the field and craftsmanship would ensure highly productive results. In addition to the successful completion of the project on schedule. A manpower supplier in Abu Dhabi can support you with qualified workers, who would be suitable for the specific jobs.
  • You can utilize the time for formulating business plans, assessing new ventures, and other business-related activities. Since the manpower supplier would be managing everything required for the workers, including their food, stay, and transportation. The labour supply company in Abu Dhabi would provide replacement promptly if any worker is absent.
  • No need to go for an extensive search for finding expert hands for specialised jobs. You only have to share it with Marmoom. We would supply the specialised professionals sought.
  • Get expert labourers quickly.
  • The management or the team at the client organization don’t have to spend time on man management. This leads to business growth and exemplary progress.

A credible manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi would shoulder all the responsibilities related to the workforce. Relieving the client of such complications.

Manpower Sectors We Support

We have a strong presence across all sectors. Having a large pool of workers selected for varying sectors and specialist trades, we are capable of meeting client requirements instantly. The dedicated approach and unflinching reliability have made us one of the most licensed manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi.

  • Construction – Get a white-collar and blue-collar workforce for your construction project in Abu Dhabi. Let us know your requirements. We would be happy to serve you.
  • Infrastructure Development – A constantly growing region, infrastructure development is an ongoing process in Abu Dhabi. We can help you with an experienced workforce for infrastructure development projects.
  • Oil & Gas – Experienced technical and non-technical team for your onshore and offshore oil & gas projects. Professionals and labourers with proven efficiency are available with us.
  • Power & Utility – Proficient men with requisite qualifications and experience in the power and utility sector. The workforce from our labour supply company in Abu Dhabi would become the mainstay for your firm.
  • Agriculture – Opt for a team with adequate knowledge in farming, cultivation, and livestock. Do contact us for hiring labourers for your projects and work in the agriculture sector. We are proud to be one of the top manpower suppliers in Abu Dhabi supporting diverse firms, including those from agriculture.
  • Hospitality – Trained expat professionals, local talents, and specialists for the hospitality sector. Sociable professionals with interpersonal skills, good communication, and a pleasant attitude would be the strong pillars of your entity.
  • Transportation – Professionals qualified in the transportation sector are crucial for handling complex operations systematically. Erroneous decisions and improper management can land the company in trouble. You can trust us to deploy the best manpower for your transportation company in Abu Dhabi.
  • Manufacturing – Workers with proven experience in production, assembly and manufacturing industries. We have been supplying a workforce for many manufacturing companies not only in Abu Dhabi but also in the other emirates in UAE.
  • Automobile – Automobile technicians, skilled employees, and unskilled labourers, all are available with us. You can drop us a message or call us to discuss the manpower requirements and hire the team for your firm.
  • Logistics – Logistics operations can go awry if the team handling, managing and monitoring those are inefficient or inexperienced. Avoid such a possibility by contacting us. Our manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi has been supporting several logistics organizations around UAE for years. Proving our mettle in supporting multiple firms simultaneously.
  • Waste Management – Searching for manpower for waste management in Abu Dhabi? We can help you with experienced cleaning, maintenance and waste management teams. They pursue a systematic process to keep the premises clean and hygienic.

Manpower Trades We Support 

Do you want workers from specific trades? Are you looking for specialized professionals? Do not worry. We can help you. We are one of the few manpower suppliers in Abu Dhabi to have a large pool of trade-specialized men.

  • Civil – Workers with specialization in civil trade, for projects in construction, infrastructure development, and other similar projects. The qualified team from Marmoom is at your service for completing the civil construction projects within the stipulated timeline.
  • Mechanical – Workforce with an adequate qualification in the mechanical trade. Our dedicated professionals with an optimistic approach are what you need. The commitment and assurance are what makes us your ideal labour supplier in Abu Dhabi.
  • Electrical – Licensed electricians with the right knowledge regarding electrical systems, cabling, and trials. We can support you with enough manpower irrespective of the size of the project.
  • Plumbing – We understand the importance of plumbing. Even a minor defect in plumbing can cause a lot of problems. That is why we maintain a methodical process for recruiting and employing specialised plumbers. You can be confident of the outcome with our plumbers involved in the work.
  • Cleaning – Hire a professional cleaning team for your project, firm, or specific occasion. The cleaners offer deep cleaning, regular cleaning, and periodic cleaning services at affordable rates.
  • Drivers – Are you tired of searching for licensed and experienced drivers? It had been an uphill task to find reliable drivers. Not anymore. We are one of the best labour supply companies in Abu Dhabi offering trustworthy drivers.
  • Fit-out Works: Elevate the appeal of your project by rendering it a polished appearance. Get labourers for fit-out works from us. They would deliver you top-notch services at competitive prices.

Factors to consider when hiring manpower suppliers in Abu Dhabi

Do not just pick a manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi for hiring the labourers. A wrong selection might land you in trouble. Their complacency can impact the progress of your project. The reliability of the labour supplier in Abu Dhabi is of paramount importance. Consider the following factors while hiring a manpower supplier in Abu Dhabi.

  • Confirm that the manpower supplier in Abu Dhabi is a licensed one. It is always good to go for a licensed and approved firm
  • Go through the company’s track record
  • Which are the projects the company have been associated with
  • How much the company is charging for manpower supply in Abu Dhabi
  • Which all sectors do the labour supplier serve
  • The trade specialisations of the workforce
  • Online reviews

 Why Choose Marmoom?

Marmoom is a licensed labour supply company in Abu Dhabi, who have been supporting multiple projects simultaneously for years. You would find our presence in most of the top projects across Abu Dhabi. A credible manpower supplier with a strong reputation, we have been the first choice of firms looking to hire workers in the region.

Matchless service support, transparency, and commitment have been the traits that define us. You can get any number of manpower from us in the preferred schedule, for projects of any size. Keeping promises, we have been ensuring the best results for our clients. A meticulously derived seamless process, from recruitment to deployment, is maintained by our professional team thereby, guaranteeing that only the best are included in our workforce.

For any manpower supply services in Abu Dhabi, call us.

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