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The phenomenal growth in the construction and infrastructure development sectors in UAE has led to the increased need for a best-fitter manpower supply in the UAE. Almost all entities look for experienced fitters in UAE with apt qualifications, creating a high demand for laborers skilled in this trade.  


Best Fitter Manpower Supplier in UAE

An efficient labor supply is a mainstay behind the successful completion of a project. Their meticulous capabilities, commitment and workaholic attitude can enhance the speed of work, aiding the organization to complete the construction on time or before the schedule. An important section in construction and infrastructure development fields, fitter manpower has a noteworthy role to play. Marmoom has been one of the top manpower services offering registered fitter manpower supply in UAE. At Marmoom, we supply licensed fitters in the UAE for various sectors. 

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"One of the top manpower supplying companies in the UAE, offering skilled workers and on-demand employees for various industries. Highly recommended for manpower resource recruitments across the Emirates. "

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"When it comes to blue-collar and white-collar jobs, Marmoom has been able to supply suitable resources that meet our requirements and project goals. One of the most trusted manpower suppliers in the UAE."


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"Highly professional and reliable manpower supplier in the UAE. Marmoom takes great effort to understand our project goals and provides incredible services that match our expectations. "

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Most asked questions.
What is the labor cost of a pipe fitter in UAE?

The labor cost of a pipe fitter in UAE will depend on the qualification and experience of the pipe fitter. Further, the type of project also plays a role in determining the salary for the pipe fitter in UAE.

Can a pipefitter do the installation of gas system pipelines?

Ideally, a gas fitter is the one who undertakes the assembly and installation of gas system pipelines. It is better to use a gas fitter in UAE for the said task, instead of a pipe fitter.

How many professional fitters would be required for a project in the UAE?

The number and type of fitters required for a project in UAE would depend on the type and size of the project. There are no generic opinions regarding this.

Is it authorized to recruit ex-pat fitters?

Yes, companies can recruit ex-pat fitters for projects in the UAE. However, it is better to hire fitters from licensed fitter manpower supply in UAE than recruiting them. By using manpower services, the company can stay away from the complexities of financial negotiations, administrative formalities, and legal aspects related to the fitter professionals.

How easy is the steam fitter’s job?

Steamfitters has a hard and highly demanding job. It is not an easy job at all. 

Importance of Fitter labor supply in UAE 

A qualified and experienced fitter labor supply in the UAE is of paramount importance. Their performance and efficiency will directly affect the progress of the project. Hiring from a licensed manpower supply in the UAE can reduce the possibility of getting inexperienced and inefficient men. You are at the right place if you are looking for the best fitter manpower supply in the UAE.

The reasons that elevate the importance of a fitter include:

  • Their skills and expertise will directly impact the quality of the work.
  • An inefficient fitter can delay the progress of the project.
  • Erroneous fitting work can cause cascading effects and may lead to complex defects.
  • Accurate calculations and precision work are necessary for a strong construction.
  • Assembly of pipe fittings and other components has to be done diligently. To avoid unwanted issues later.

A fitter has a prominent role in a project. Hence, avoid hiring fitters in UAE from unauthorized manpower agencies. Use the services of licensed fitter manpower supply in UAE only.

Responsibilities of a Professional Fitter

A fitter’s job is highly responsible and may involve different departments of the project. Marmoom, being one of the top fitter manpower suppliers in UAE offers extensive training to the fitter workforce before employing them. If you are looking for a best fitter manpower supply supplier in the UAE, contact Marmoom. We provide highly experienced fitters in UAE to all major sectors like oil & gas, construction, mechanical, electrical etc. The responsibilities of a professional fitter in UAE include:

  1. Constant communication with the engineering team and supervisors throughout the project. For the proper assembly and installation of pipe assemblies and associated components.
  2. Examination of the worksite, reading the engineering diagram, and ascertaining the exact requirements are the responsibilities of professional fitters.
  3. Misinterpretations can cause complex issues later. Therefore, they need to be extra cautious while reading the diagrams and communicating with the supervisory staff.
  4. Trials and testing of the systems to rule out defects. In case of any defects, proper repair procedures must be implemented to eliminate them.
  5. The professional fitter should be capable of working independently and understanding the requirements. There would not be a supervisor constantly monitoring him. The person should be optimistic and committed.
  6. Working for long hours in the outdoor area, even during hot climates, may be required. The professional fitter should be physically fit and positive to perform in such conditions also.
  7. The professional fitter should use the right tools. Thereby preventing damages due to wrong tools or equipment and ensuring proper fitment of the pipelines and assemblies.
  8. He should work in tandem with the other teams and should complete the work in the stipulated time.
  9. He should convey observations and opinions to the management, supervisor, and engineering team.

Fitter Sub-trades

There are an array of sub-trades for the fitter trade. A licensed manpower supply in the UAE will have all the specializations available. To aid the client in progressing the project systematically. Check out the leading fitter labor supply in the UAE to know more about each of the fitter trades mentioned here.

  1. Aluminum Fitter: Aluminium fabrication and fitment are the responsibility of the aluminum fitter manpower supply. He should have a thorough knowledge of the assembly and installation of aluminum structural components.
  2. Pipe Fitter: Pipe fitter manpower supply has the responsibility for the assembly and installation of pipelines. He should lay the pipelines as per the engineering drawing and undertake the work as per the directives.
  3. Mechanical Fitter: The mechanical fitter manpower supply would be qualified and trained in the fitment of mechanical components in a project.
  4. Structural Fitter: The structural components assembly and fitment, as per the design specifications, lies with the structural fitter. A licensed manpower supply in UAE will have an adequately qualified structural fitter to carry out the task properly.
  5. Instrument Fitter: Infrastructure development or other specific projects may have instruments to be installed. Not everyone will be capable of undertaking the job. A well-qualified instrument fitter is necessary to complete the instrument fitment in the specified timeframe, in the best manner. Registered fitter manpower supply in UAE must have qualified instrument fitters useful for diverse projects.
  6. Glass Fitter: Installation of glass components, shades, etc. necessitate extreme professionalism and workmanship. Even a minor error can lead to damage to glass sections. A leading fitter labor supply in the UAE can help you with well-trained glass fitters for your project.
  7. Gas Fitter: Laying gas pipelines, routing gas system hoses, and installation of gas system components are jobs that need exclusively trained gas fitters. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. A trained and experienced gas fitter from a registered fitter manpower supply in UAE would be the ideal choice.
  8. Steam Fitter: A steamfitter will assemble, lay, and install pipelines and systems that carry water, steam, fuel, or chemicals. Depending on the type of project, different types of steamfitters might be required. You may reach out to Marmoom, the top licensed manpower supply in UAE, for hiring steamfitters.

Why Choose Marmoom?

Marmoom has been supplying the best fitters in the UAE for years. One of the few firms to be authorized to undertake labor services in the UAE , we are the leading licensed manpower supply in the UAE. Assuring consistent and reliable support, we grew to become number one in the sector. As a reputed fitter labor supplier in UAE, we always make sure that the laborers we provide are skilled and experienced to meet the requirements of our clients on time. 

You may check out with us if you are looking for a fitter labor supply in the UAE. The reasons that make us the best among registered fitter labor supply in UAE are:

  • A large pool of fitter workforce
  • Constant support to clients
  • Cost-effective manpower services
  • Hassle-free labor support, with our professionals handling and managing every administrative requirement related to the workers
  • Transparent dealings
  • Availability of manpower based on the requirements projected by the client

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