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Boosting Productivity with a Capable Rigger

The availability of a qualified and specialised workforce like riggers in UAE is necessary for the smooth progression of projects. Companies reach out to trusted firms like Marmoom, which offers registered manpower supply in UAE. Outsourcing rigger labour supply in UAE to Marmoom helps you navigate the complex process of recruiting them from other sources.

Best Rigger Manpower Supplier in UAE

Employing a qualified and experienced rigger is crucial considering the seriousness of the task undertaken. Controlling heavy machinery like a crane, chain hoist, or derrick, lifting heavy items, moving to the assigned spot, and placing them properly necessitate not only a license but also ability. Examine the manpower agency in UAE that offers a rigger manpower supply in UAE and confirm their credibility. It is not advisable to go for unauthorized manpower supply companies in UAE, due to many reasons including lack of reliability. In fact, we would suggest you handpick a licensed manpower supply company in UAE like Marmoom. Marmmoom is one of the top rigger suppliers in UAE to help business get their work completed effectively and quickly. 

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Most asked questions.
How much does rigger labour in UAE cost?

The rigger labour cost in UAE would depend on the professional’s experience, the type of job requirement etc.

How many riggers would be required for a project in UAE?

The number of riggers required for a project in UAE or anywhere else will depend on the type of project, the project requirements, and so on. A generic answer is not possible for this question. The number of riggers required can be confirmed based on the project details only.

What to check while recruiting a rigger?

Before recruiting a rigger, it's important to meticulously ascertain their qualification, experience and knowledge, as most job sites will require a certificate to verify these factors.

Is rigger a necessary person for a project?

A rigger is of paramount importance for most of the infrastructure, construction, and shipment projects.

What if the rigger is not performing as expected?

The registered labour supply in UAE will replace the rigger if he is not performing as expected. Normally, the riggers from reliable labour suppliers would perform as promised. That is why choosing a licensed and approved manpower supply company is important.

Importance of Rigger

Construction and infrastructure development fields have been on a constant boom in the UAE. A rigger has a higher responsibility than most of the other workers involved in the construction, infrastructure development, or shipping project. He will be handling heavy loads, using specific machineries like a crane, forklift, or derrick. That is why we repeatedly propose selecting riggers from licensed manpower supply in UAE. The labour suppliers in Dubai, UAE, who are not registered with the authority, may not offer the right support. The rigger labour supplied by them in UAE may not be adequately experienced to render to you the intended service. They may increase the possibility of accidents as well.

The responsibilities of a rigger labours that make his role an important one are:

  • The type of equipment to be used is decided by the rigger labourer many times. His experience and knowledge of the machinery and associated components/ tools to use are crucial.
  • Using hand signals, the rigger would effectively guide the crane operator to move the item to the desired position. In a place, where multiple activities are going on simultaneously, the rigger has to be proficient enough to direct the handlers ideally.
  • Cost-effective lifting, moving, and placing operations are planned by the experienced rigger efficiently. Companies can save by opting for a licensed rigger labour supply in UAE, who renders guaranteed support.
  • A rigger should know the predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance practices of rigging equipment. Note that a defective rigging tool or equipment can lead to catastrophic effects.
  • Assembly, dismantling, replacement of specific components, and repairs of rigging items must be known by the rigger. We understand that it would be difficult for you to examine each rigger before hiring. Therefore, you may opt for a rigger from a registered manpower supply in UAE. So that you can avoid getting an inexperienced rigger quite effectively.
  • A rigger should be proactive. He should inform the management regarding any possible issues and must undertake corrective measures as and when required.

Types of Civil Riggers in UAE

Different types of riggers, based on the services offered and the type of equipment managed, can be hired from licensed rigger labour supply in UAE. The types of civil riggers include

  • Mobile crane riggers
  • Tower crane riggers
  • Lifting supervisors

We are happy to extend optimum support to you by providing riggers with specific qualifications based on your needs. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a registered manpower supply in UAE.

Benefits of Hiring Riggers from Marmoom

Marmoom understands the complications involved in assessing potential candidates, examining their qualities and qualifications, and choosing the right ones. We have taken up the responsibility of undertaking all these steps judiciously. We have a specific recruitment team for analysing the applicants and picking the best from them. Labourers of assured quality and performance have made us a sought-after manpower supply company in UAE. We have been providing rigger labour supply in UAE, across the country.

The benefits of hiring riggers in UAE from us include:

  • The clients need not worry about visas, WPS, medical insurance, transportation, and accommodation of the riggers hired from us.
  • Cost-effective rigger labour supply in UAE.
  • The right person for the job is exclusively picked after thorough evaluation.
  • The client can concentrate on the business development activities while we guarantee man management.
  • Exemplary productivity with our team supporting your project.

Why Choose Marmoom for rigger supply in UAE?

Marmoom has been one of the top licensed manpower supply companies in the UAE. We provide registered manpower supply in the country and hence have been opted for by most of the leading entities. Our labourers have been the strong pillars of support for many governmental and private projects across the country.

The features that make us the best-registered rigger supplier in UAE include:

  • Reasonably priced labour support
  • Extensive presence across UAE
  • Comprehensive manpower solutions
  • Experienced workers from diverse sectors and trades
  • 24x7 client support

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