Baniyas North Phase

Environment-friendly Infrastructure Development

A world designed considering the eco-system

Located in Baniyas North, the infrastructure development project focuses on sustainable design and construction features. Reducing the carbon footprint, adhering to the advanced design specifications, and integrating innovative elements, the space assures futuristic living. We are proud to be associated with this dream project.  

6 Month +

project association


Manpower Provided


Man-hours of Work

Challenges in the Project

  • Integration of futuristic components and advanced technology necessitated experienced manpower
  • Completion of the project in the stipulated timeframe
  • Adhering to the environment-friendly concepts finalized by the authority
  • Overcoming unforeseen challenges that posed a threat to time-bound conclusion

Solutions We Implemented

  • Ascertained the qualification and experience required for the team and additional workforce recruited through our expedited process
  • A blueprint was finalized to achieve the goal in the specified timeline and ensure that the team abides by it
  • Diligent monitoring of the project to prevent any lacunae
  • Our experienced professionals with keen observation and expertise could resolve the issues for the smooth progress of the project

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