Route 2020

Connecting People to Expo 2020

Proud to be Associated

A prominent metro line that connects Jebel; Ali village with Expo 2020, Route 2020 has been a project of paramount importance. We could be a part of the team and could complete the project well in the schedule as desired by the authorities. 


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Manpower Provided


Man-hours of Work

Challenges in the Project

  • Directives to complete the project well before the commencement of Expo 2020
  • Difficult terrains we had to clear for making the way
  • Increased requirement for experts with subject knowledge
  • Strict guidelines regarding the safety of the workers

Solutions We Implemented

  • Employed enough workforce and supervisory staff to expedite the work
  • Used special equipment and instituted formulated methods to overcome the hurdles
  • Experts were recruited on an as-required basis
  • The workers and supervisors were trained and instructed concerning the safety aspects and precautions to be observed

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