Sep 21, 2022

Onam 2022

Onam was celebrated in the Marmoom office with dancing on the upbeat traditional music and by wishing the Mahabali a happy Onam. The Onam festival is observed to honor King Mahabali, and the play of the tigers with an incredible exhibition of Kerala culture and beauty. This was celebrated in the same form in Marmoom office in UAE.

The wonderful celebration was celebrated by people of all nationalities coming together and savoring a new world of with new learning of a different tradition, by wearing different outfits of Kerala tradition and all the team members came together to create a beautiful Pookkalam with different florals.

The entire office team celebrated Onam by sharing the best traditional feast, known as Onam Sadhya which was served on the freshly cut banana leaves. The Onam celebration included plenty of singing, dancing, and playing games.

The memory will last forever with us, as it was an amazing festive day for all of us. The persons in our recollections may change throughout time, but the memories are always there, holding our hands. Although their existence may take on different forms, it never changes.


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